Progress planned vs actual progress excel template

Progress planned vs actual progress excel template

Simple, fast Free Printable Spreadsheets Templates,and automated Progress planned vs actual progress template.

just fill the activity start and finish dates and the excel template will calculate the plan progress %, actual/forecast progress %, cumm. planned progress % and cumm. actual/forecast progress % will be calculated automatically.

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See photo below to check how the Progress planned vs progress actual chart looks like.

Progress Planned vs Progress Actual Template Excel

Progress Planned vs Progress Actual Template Excel

Please note that planned percentage based on time distribution and not based on cost. it means that based on activity duration and project overall duration the planned percentage completed is being calculated.

This Excel 2010 Templates has nice Excel Formulas to distribute the percentage of activities over the time based on activity duration without adding cost or resources. This excel sheet could be useful to perform fast calculation to activity percentage complete over the time.

All you need to fill is planned start and finish, ACTUAL /FORECAST start and finish and PLAN PROGRESS %, ACTUAL/FORECAST PROGRESS %, CUMM. PLANNED PROGRESS % and CUMM. ACTUAL/FORECAST PROGRESS % will be calculated automatically.

Download the excel templatePlanned Vs Actual Progress Percentage

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