Performance Management Plan Template

Performance Management Plan Template

Performance Management Plan Template, this Performance Management Plan Sample is useful to monitor the performance of your management plan in high level , i.e could be reported to senior management as high level report


Screen shot of Performance Management Plan Template

Performance Management Plan template

Performance Management Plan template


This Performance Management Plan Template has built in indications of activities status, Not started, On Plan, Complete and issues, just click any excel cell and bush the related button to identify whether the activity status is Not started, On Plan, Complete or an issues.

The form mainly contain the following columns :

1- Item No

2- Task

3- Actual Start Date

4- Tentative Start Date

5- Impact on Completion (Actual vs. Target)

6- Target Completion date & Status

7- Comments

8- Deliverables

9- Lead

and the Major Issues summary in the bottom.

You can use the concept of this form to create your own custom excel form using the excel formulas ,the arrangement and visual output. Usually i use these kind of forms to collect new ideas and to check the formulas inside i.e How it has been made to able to do your own.

 Download the excel template: Performance Management Plan

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