method of statement for terrazzo tiles and skirting

method of statement for terrazzo tiles and skirting

method of statement for terrazzo tiles and skirting, Terrazzo Flooring

 Summary: This terrazzo method statement includes the following;

• Ordinary Portland Cement

• Sand

• Materials for Application;

. Pre-cast Terrazzo

1. Terrazzo Stone Preparation

A. Examine areas to be installed with terrazzo tiles for compliance and tolerances affecting its installation.

B. Control dust to prevent air pollution and protect other workBuild your Dream First. Read more ... » from dust generated by grinding operations.

2. Application of Terrazzo Marble

A. Set lay-out for terrazzo tiles referred from the building geometry.

B. Arrange terrazzo tiles continuously beginning from the center line so that symmetry will be achieved. See to it that 100% of the face underneath the tiles is covered with mortarGlass Blockwork Method Statement. Read more ... » so that there will be no lack of bond with substrate and it will not emit a hallow sound when tapped.

C. Cut tiles using electric saw to exact dimension and fill between jointsGlass Blockwork Method Statement. Read more ... » a specified sealer.

D. During installation, clean promptly the surface of the tiles from mortar or grout splashes to maintain a neat condition.

E. Limit surface variations from level indicated in the drawing to 3 mm maximum.

3. Project Method StatementBORED PILING METHOD STATEMENT. Read more ... » for Cleaning and protection

A. Wash surfaces with cleaner to remove splashes of mortar and sealer.

B. Rinse with water and allow to dry thoroughly.

C. Make sure that the area with terrazzo tiles will be free from damag specially exposed corners.


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