Free online 1000’s  Question Simulated Project Management Professionals PMP Exam Practice Test cover all of the Knowledge Areas required by PMI® to prepare for your PMP certification or to refresh and maintain your PMP certificate.

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What you’ll see on the PMP Real Exam?

Free PMP Exam Practice Test

Free PMP Exam Practice Test

  1. Initiating process group (11 % of PMP exam questions): Begins with the project; Processes are performed in the Initiating proces group to define a new project or a news phase of an existing project.
  2. Planning process group (23 % of PMP exam questions): Processes in the Planning group establish the scope of the project and define the course of action required to attain the project’s objectives
  3. Executing process group (27 % of PMP exam questions): Processes in the Executing group are performed to complete the work as specified in the Project Management Plan
  4. Monitoring & Controlling process group (21 % of PMP exam questions): Processes track, review and regulate the progress and performance of the project.
  5. Closing process group (9 % of PMP exam questions): Ends the project; Processes are performed to formally the close the project or a phase.
  6. Professional& Social Responsibility (9 % of PMP exam questions): Ensure Individual Integrity Contribute to the Project Management Knowledge Base,Enhance Personal Professional Competence & Promote Interaction

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  • The following exams will be just like the real exams with time restrictions and no. of questions.
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  • You can take the exam as many times as you want, Every time new questions will be added to your Exam.


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