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Claim Digger Baseline Schedule V.S Revised Schedule Comparison Tool

Claim Digger is one of primavera software built in tools:

P6 Claim Digger is very useful tool to find difference between two versions of schedule or Baseline Schedules V.S Revised Schedules using primavera P6 without any additional software required.

First let me explain what is the benefit of using Primavera P6 Built in tool Claim Digger. Mainly the The Clam Digger is comparing two schedules and find out what is the difference between two of them, Differences are identified as per the following terms:

Claim Digger
Claim Digger

1- Total Float

2- Calendar Name

3- Free Float

4- Critical Activities

5- Activity Name

6- WBS Name

7- WBS Code

8- Primary Constraint Type

9- Primary Constraint Date

10- Actual Expense Cost

11- Remaining Expense Cost

12- At Completion Expense Cost

13- Budgeted Expense Cost

14- Planned Finish Date

15- Early Finish Date

16- Early Start Date

17- Actual Start Date

18- Late Finish Date

19- Late Start Date

20- Planned Start Date

21- Actual Finish Date

22- Original Duration

23- Actual Duration

24- Remaining Duration

25- At Completion Duration

26- Actual Cost

27- At Completion Cost

28- Expense Percent Complete

29- Price Per Unit

30- Budgeted Cost

31- Remaining Cost

32- Activity Percent Complete

33- Duration Percent Complete

34- Physical Percent Complete

35- Units Percent Complete

36- Actual Labor Units

37- Budgeted Labor Units

38- At Completion Labor Units

39- Remaining Labor Units

40- Activities Added/Deleted

40.1- The following Activities have been added to the project

40.2- The following Activities have been deleted from the project

41- Activity Code Assignments Added/Deleted

42- Relationship Differences (Predecessor / Successor Relationships added or Deleted)

43- At Completion Units

44- Budgeted Units

45- Remaining Units

46- Remaining Units Per Time

47- Actual Units

48- Budgeted Duration

49- Remaining Duration

50- Resource Assignments Added/Deleted

51- Activity Steps

WoW… Do not you think it is an amazing tool ??!! , It will spot any variance between two versions in the schedule.

When you should use Claim Digger, Applications of using This tool :

1- When you receive a new version of the time schedule from the contractor, Then you should use Claim Digger to check what has been changed on the schedule.

2- When you Receive an update of the time schedule, you should check that nothing changed from the baseline original duration, relationships and constrains.

3- Before submitting your schedule to the client after new revision or update, just run fast check to ensure that noting went wrong.

How to work with Claim Digger Step by Step :

1- open claim digger from primavera p6 tools menu as per the following photo:

Primavera P6 Menu
Primavera P6 Menu

2- Select the Revised schedule and the Project Schedule Baseline (The two versions of the schedules you want to compare) as per the following photo :

Revised Schedule V.S Baseline Schedule
Revised Schedule V.S Baseline Schedule

3- Click on Advanced Options to choose what is the output values you want to see in the report.

Note: you can choose Group Report by Activity in the advanced setting if you want primavera to group all the terms i mentioned above (what ever you choose from the 51 term mentioned above) by activity.

Claim Advanced Options
Claim Advanced Options


4- Choose the report format (HTML or CSV)

The HTML format will be opened by any explorer such as Firefox, chrome or Microsoft Internet explorer

Digger options
Digger options


5- Click compare to run the Software


Compare two schedules
Compare two schedules


6- Sample of Claim Digger Reports:

A- HTML Report

Compare two projects schedules HTML Report
Compare two projects schedules HTML Report


B: CVS Report


Compare two projects schedules CVS- EXCEL Report
Compare two projects schedules CVS- EXCEL Report



    Nov 18, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    It is so rewarding when a qualified professional like you takes the time to give back to the planning field in this manner—and I feel very lucky to be the one receiving the benefit of your project management and planning experience through your website.

  2. Omar Hali

    Mar 23, 2014 at 10:40 am

    Thanks a lot for these explanation and please keep on

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