We are Building Our Website Team – If You Are Qualified We Will Pay You To Join

We are Building Our Website Team – If You Are Qualified We Will Pay You To Join

Dear Planning Engineer Website Visitors and Members, We are now building our working team to enlarge the website contents, Therefore we are looking for a qualified Engineers to do the following staff.

1- Write a qualified Original -Not Copied- articles about any Section in project management.

2- Prepare educational courses in different software involved in project management.

3- Prepare posts for tips and tricks in different project management categories and software.

4- Checking the English language of our website (Inspector).

5- Translate the English articles to Arabic and french.

6- Add Jobs to our Jobs website related to Engineering.

7- Add any value to our website which could serve the site visitors and members.

Who is Qualified ?

This is difficult question actually, but if you believe you can do one or more of the above tasks, just contact us and tell us what you can do. We are looking for long term relationship, We are building our team to continue our success together.

 Part time or Full time ?

This is depend on your free time and the website requirements. and we have no problem to this point.

 How much we will pay?

This is depending on what your are going to add to the site, and we will agree with you in reasonable rates.

 How we are going to pay?

We can Pay through PayPal and Bank transfer or any other agreed method of Payment.

 Contact Us Now:

Please contact us now and do not forget to mention in your message what you can do exactly and how much you expect to be paid.


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