Amazing excel project management add in

Amazing excel project management add in

Amazing excelImport Bulk activities with duration from Excel to Primavera. Read more ... » project managementProject Management from Directory. Read more ... » add in will allow multiply users to work in the same excel spreadsheet at the same time online and offline.

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excel project management add in

This excel project managementTop 10 steps you should do to be a successful planning engineer. Read more ... » add in is share an excel spreadsheet between users and synchronize the changes in real timeDownload Planning Engineers Preparation Course for Free. Read more ... ». each change by a user will createCreate Gantt Chart and cash flow using excel with sample file. Read more ... » a new revision of the Free Excel Worksheets which allow you to see the whole history of excel spreadsheet modifications.

This nice excel add in is provided by GOOGLE and it use your Google account to share and edit files using Microsoft excelMS Excel Functions and Formulas you need to use regularly. Read more ... » onlineOnline Part Time Jobs for Read more ... » or offline and once you have an internet connection all your changes to the excel spreadsheet will be updated.

This add in is applicable for all Microsoft office products such as excel, word and power point

Download the add in from this link : Click Here

Click on Download Google Cloud Connect

excel add in

excel add in

Then Click Accept and Install

excel project management add in

excel project management add in

Wait until Google Cloud Connect installation completed

Google Cloud Connect

Google Cloud Connect

Now open your Excel program And you will find a new bar in excel log in by your Google account username and password and EnJoy…

You can select to share the files with others for read and edit or for read only

See this video for more details about this excel add-in

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