All Purpose excel worksheet

All Purpose excel worksheet

Very Nice All Purpose excel worksheet includes:

Unit Conversion, Calendar, Checkbook Balance, Loan Payment, BMI & Calorie, Blood Pressure, Conversion, Convert, Right Triangle, Tap Drill, Drill Bit Equivalence, Bolt Circle, Spiral, Rotate, Cone Fab, Circle Segment, Polygon, Trig Function

This excel worksheet includes the following :

All Purpose excel worksheet

All Purpose excel worksheet

All units convertor

A calender to any year per day and week

Checkbook Balance

Loan payment calculator

Body Mass Index & Calorie Calculator

Blood Pressure

Conversion Calculator

Right Triangle Solver

Tap Drill Size For Inch & Metric 60 Degree Threads

Drill Bit Equivalence

Bolt Circle Calculator

Spiral Calculator

Rotation of an ” X & Y ” coordinate


Circle Segment Calculator

Polygon Solver

Values of a Trigonometric Function

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